Notice people…What’s going on?

Filling Station Young Mom…
A few years ago I went with a friend to meet some leaders in Cincinnati. We pulled into a filling station to get gas and the clean the wind-shield. While my pal went in to grab some water I noticed a young woman with two kids pull up in a red car…

As soon as she pulled in I had an impression that I was supposed to buy her a tank of gas. While deciding what to do… I watched as she pulled a five dollar note out of her purse, stare at the bill and go inside to buy gas.

I waited and noticed she put 3 dollars into the tank and the pump turned off. I got out of the truck walked over ran my card through the machine and said, ‘I think you need a full tank of gas tonight.’

She smiled. I asked her name and the ages of the kids then asked, ‘Are you working?’ She replied, ‘I’m an accountant and I lost my job yesterday.’

We continued to talk until the tank was filled up.

I then asked, ‘Would it be ok if I prayed for you?’ She said, ‘Yes.’

I prayed a specific prayer for her and her kids asking God to give her favor; that she’d find work soon; that His peace would flood her heart and life; that she would be provided for. I shook her hand and thanked her for allowing me to pray for her.

Target…She’s everywhere.
A friend, was at Target and noticed a
lady…he walked to another department and there she was again…

he took notice…then he went to another department and yep there she was… he went to one more place in the store and there she was again…

When he finished shopping he went to the check out. Guess who was standing behind him?…the lady.

After paying for his stuff he waited until she was finished… He then began a conversation…

‘I know this might sound strange but I noticed you everywhere I went in the store. I felt like there is something going on in your life at the moment.’

Although startled she replied, ‘My son is not doing well at the moment and I’m concerned for him.’ Caleb,’ I’m a believer would it be ok if I prayed for you.‘ She of course said yes and was visibly touched by the encounter.

This is how God space is created. Being open for God’s leading, and acting on what you notice. Prayer is the connection point…the place where God things can happen.

Jesus had an amazing ability to see others differently…

He noticed people:

  • A woman at a well had huge potential…She was curious, open, inquisitive, knowledgeable and was a woman of influence.
  • A guy in a tree
  • A guy under a tree
  • Fishermen who would later fish differently
  • A tax Collector
  • A woman who needed forgiveness
  • Lepers
  • A man sitting by a pool
  • A dead son needing to made alive again
  • People at a party
  • People needing healing

He had an amazing ability to see others through His Fathers eyes.
Matthew 9:36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

Eyesight has everything to do with insight. Doug Pollock author of God Space.

Inward-focused vs outward-focused
The natural tendency of the human heart is to turn inward…

When under pressure all people have a tendency to turn inward, instead of upward, and outward. Being self-centered is a sure way to side-track our ability to create God space.

If we see only our selves… we become blind to the needs of others. My friend Doug Pollock calls this near sightedness my-opia’.

I was addicted to myself. All I thought about was myself. The only thing I really cared about was myself. I had very little concept of love, altruism, or sacrifice. I discovered my mind is like a radio that picks up only one station, the one that plays me: K-don, all don, all the time.
donald miller blue like jazz

If we are honest at some point we all have radio stations tuned to our station. We need retuning. And we need to view life through a different lense.

Clues How to Notice What’s Going On?:

  • Become aware…aware of God, aware of others

it’s easy to miss something you are not looking for.

  • Slow down…

Slow down, you move to fast got to make the morning last. Young Rascals.

Our fast paced task orientated lifestyle prevent us from being aware of others. I’m convinced we miss every day opportunities to serve others because we rush through life.

Practicing slowing down on the inside, while everything is racing on the outside is a skill that can be developed.

  • Put on Jesus Glasses…

We all view life through a lense…our back ground, upbringing, culture, country of residence, and our e:experience shape our world view.

In order to create God space we have to begin to live life and to view life differently. Just as Jesus viewed the world through His Fathers eyes… so too we need to view our world through the eyes of Jesus.
What do you see?
Does your seeing move you to action?

  • Make everyday an adventure…Watch Everyday Dave Matthew’s Band

It’s easy to miss something you are not looking for.

  • Take Risks… this is part of the adventure… Noticing need + Listening for God prompts + Action (meeting the need or offering prayer) = Adventure

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