Kindness to go! Simple, connective and everyone gets to play at their personal risk level.

This weekend is a Kindness-to-go weekend. We decided we want to encourage people who are opening their stores, and those who protect and serve us. We also want to love on people we know who need encouragement.

Tip: Always try out the outreach before you launch the outreach.

Yesterday I took a vase to a store and to a fire department. I said, “Hi! I’m Steve from Upper Room. We wanted to give you this as a token of our support. We pray for you all frequently. Thank you for all you do especially during this strange season.

The fireman was taken back and very surprised that we would take the time to stop in to say thank you. He and two other fire men smiled. He told us that he would place the rose on the dining table.


  • Yesterday I picked up 100 red roses from the whole-sale florist provider.

I have a relationship with the flower provider. Over the years I’ve purchased thousands of flowers… mainly Roses and Carnations. I have also been able to encourage and pray for some of the employees.

The lady who served me wanted to have a conversation so I listened. She needed to talk. She was working two jobs. Her husband and two children had been out of work for several weeks. Now they are all back to work and catching up on bills. A year ago I had a conversation with her and prayed with her for her son. He is now doing well.

People remember our kindness, or conversations, and our prayer.

  • I had seventy-five vases I had purchased from Dollar Tree. Pattie and I cut string, tided bows on the vases, cut the roses, and placed the roses into container with water. We placed the containers into the refrigerator. We put water into the vases and staged the vases for the Roses.
  • Sunday we will arrive early, place roses into the vases, and stage the roses for people to pick up from a table located at the exit door after the service.
  • I will take the stage at the end of the service and explain the outreach. People will have a choice to use a connect card. I will also have a friend with me who has a great story about how he was able to pay for a military man’s haircut and share the love of Jesus.

Kindness to go! Simple, Connective and everyone gets to play at their personal risk level.

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