Easter Outreach

Tip: Take advantage of your advantage.

Encourage people to invite their friends and relatives to your Easter Service and events. Encourage your people to reach out to the community with Kindness-to-Go.

How? Create small simple invitations connected to a small gift available the weekend before Easter Sunday. As people leave they simply pick up a few invitations (connection bridges) to give to family, friends, or to people in their relational context (where they shop, where they work out, where they work, where they go to school, to a neighbor, etc.)


Develop a connect card to attach to items using a stapler or glue dots.

Purchase boxes of Peeps.

Purchase small vases and Daffodils. (Trader Joe’s has the cheapest Daffs.)

Purchase snack gift bag items for gift bags.

Develop an instruction sheet for the tables.

Prep and have items available at your exits for the Sunday before Easter.

During the service mention Kindness-To-Go and encourage the people gathered to invite someone to your Easter Service, or to an event (block party, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.)

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