Fireworks! Fourth of July! Kindness to go!

Taking advantage of our advantage to encourage outward-focusedness.

Kindness-to-Go is a great way to create opportunities for people to show God’s love to others as they connect with their friends, neighbors, and community. Kindness-to-go also raises your outward-focused value to everyone attending. It’s highly visible, quick, and doable.

The announcement usually begins by stating,

“Today is a Kindness-to-Go Sunday. Reaching our community is one of our values. Our values are Worship, Grow, and Go. Kindness-to-go encourages us to embrace and practice our outward-focused values.

Pick up a six-pack or two to take to your community fireworks celebration and give the water away. There is a simple instruction sheet attached to help.”

The Plan

This year on Sunday, July 3rd, we will have hundreds of water bottles available in six-packs at our exits. Our people will pick up the water and take the bottles to their Fourth of July destination then give the water away.

We created a great label!

We went to Print Runner and used their online creation tools. The turnaround was around a week. We now have time to purchase the water, and to place our label to cover the brand water label.

The label came out far better than we envisioned. Vynal high gloss sheet. The logo is sharp and the white letters pop off the label.(the label looks much better than the picture)

We will have six-packs with a simple suggestion note:

Where to go and what to say.

Have fun at your fire-work destination!

Before you go be sure to place the water in your fridge to chill.

Hold the water bottle out in front of you… As you give the water a way… smile and say, ” Here’s some free water. You looked too thirsty to pass up.”

You can then begin the conversation by saying, “We are from Upper Room in Tipp City? We wanted to show you God’s love in a practical way. Where are you from?

Tip: If you have kids let them give the water away.

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